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    Visitor's Comment: Oct 2014 

    Hi Mike!

    Keep up the good work brother your music style is very unique and the best I've heard so far. I'm a college student and I listen to your music during study up to the night before taking exams and I seem to feel so relaxed I passed the exams!! Keep on making that good music and GOD BLESS.

    JC, New fan of MIKE MURRAY

    Visitor's Comment: Dec 25th 

    Hi Mike 

    Hope that you are enjoying your Christmas Day ! over there on the other side of the pond .....wishing you all the very best on this special day and wishing you a very Happy, Healthy & Successfull New Year in 2015 Looking forward in anticipation to listening to your new track Tranquility and to any future projects you have.

    Best Wishes from all your Brit fans over here in the UK 
    London UK

    Visitor's Comment JAN 12th 

    Hi Mike!

    I would like to offer my most sincere congratulations for your recent single release ''Elegance'' this numer is one of greatest instrumental song I ever heard , its really a hit! It takes really hardwork and creativity to come up with such fantastic great sound, melodically composed and fantastically aranged instrumentally arranged instrumetally. I enjoyed listening to it day and night its really touching, with it's smoochie and sweet melodious background and I must admit is one of the Instrumental chilled songs of all time I wish you all the success and best for the future.


    New EP "PlayTime" Released! 

    Thanks for stopping by!  It's "PlayTime"!  I hope this project speaks to you in some positive way! You can download track 1, "Concourse 23" here.  If you like it, please take a moment to comment back.  Positive comments are fuel for creativity. Thanks for listening!